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As we wrap up the Junior year of our podcast it's time to look back and reflect at how far we have come and look forward to what we can achieve. Many of you have been with us for quite some time but we hardly ever hear from you. Now is your chance to throw in your two cents and help guide the future of this great podcast.

So here is what we are going to do, below is a quick survey of what we want to know and after that a Suggestions Box for anything you want us to know.

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You may not know that from day one we made each episode an enhanced audio file with chapters that you can skip to. We want to know if it is worth the effort.
If you use the chapters function of our podcast, which segments do you generally listen to?
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Tell us what you would like to change about THE OMNICAST. Are there segments you'd like us to add? Say cooking, fashion or motorsports. Or are there segments you wish never existed? Be honest, be brutal.