The Story

It all started late one winter night in the living room of Aaron's house. Jeremy and Aaron had been talking about various likes, dislikes and current obsessions of which many friends had inquired of them. Suddenly it donned on them, 'why not record this discussion for others to hear?'

They did just that and because the two of them were not enough to make it a well rounded conversation they enlisted the help of friends whom they regarded in high esteem. Thus a show was born in early January of 2011 called THE OMNICAST.

The Evolution of the Crew

In the beginning there was an USB microphone, a mic stand, three guys (Jeremy, Aaron and Brian) in a small hard wall office with another on speakerphone (Justin) and a MacBook Pro to record it all. In the end that first episode didn't sound all that great but they persevered. 

Justin suffered a brian injury and was never heard from again. At times it was just Jeremy and Aaron. Every other episode Brian would be available to talk about board games. Then in the beginning of May 2011 Jeremy invited along Keith. That is when things started to fall into place.

An order and pace were established, consistency was forming, and audio quality was improving. Guests started making appearances to fill in for absences and a following began to pick up.

By the end of the year the final regular was discovered. In November Aaron's friend Andrew was in town from Alabama. He joined in person for his first episode and hit it off so well that he was welcomed back over Skype the following year.

The regular crew was founded but the problem of quality still lingered. The venue was almost settled when its availability became an issue. Also at this time new equipment was being tested. No more omnidirectional mic in the middle of an echo-y room.

Then it all fell into place at Foolish Things Coffee House with a Shure SM57 mic for everyone and a four-track audio interface to make the show sound and feel like a professional podcast.

So that's where it stands today; every other week Jeremy, Aaron, Keith and Andrew get together to gab about what's on their minds. Hopefully you are a part of it by subscribing to the podcast, following the twitter profile, liking the Facebook page or even dropping a comment here or there. After all, they do this just for you.