Podcast Episode 45

Hey Brian is back! Which made for an extra large podcast; 5 guys over two hours. So listen up as Jeremy, Aaron, Keith, Andrew and Brian talk about Mike Birbiglia's movie Sleepwalk With Me, a documentary on the Batmobiles, the facinating tales of Doomsday Preppers, proper respect for Dr. Who, Apple's Geo-Fencing patent, a new way to communicate through Double Robotics, gaming on a budget, Walking Dead the game series by TellTale, Small World from Days of Wonder, Superman + Wonder Woman = kiss in Justice League #12, A Thing Called the Divine Fits.

Plus a long rambling Quick Hits section featuring: Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Apple vs Samsung, new Microsoft logo, leaked list of iOS device info from the FBI, High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC), Ubi - the Ubiquitous Computer, Dragon Fantasy (iOS), Bad Piggies, Michael Clark Duncan.

Don't miss out on the post credits section.