THE OMNICAST - Episode 37

Jeremy, Aaron, Keith and Andrew discuss one of the biggest movie weekends of all time starting with The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and then Marvel's The Avengers, we recap BBC's Sherlock second season, list the current Apple rumors, review Minecraft for the Xbox, The Walking Dead adventure game from TellTale, Powers by Brian Micheal Bendis and listen to MeWithoutYou. Finally the four Quick Hits topics include Tribes Ascend, $99 Xbox 360 with subscription, the death of Adam Younch a.k.a. MCA from the Beastie Boys and Ticket to Ride on the iPad.

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THE OMNICAST - Episode 33

A massive podcast this time as the entire regular crew is on board for some spirited talk about John Carter, The Walking Dead, Mad Men, Awake, Apple's new iPad, AppleTV, FauxG, Mass Effect 3, Journey from That Game Company, Double Fine's haul on KickStarter, Asara, Marvel Infinite Comics and AR app, a Radiohead concert and the death of Davey Jones former Monkee.

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THE OMNICAST - Episode 24

Jeremy, Aaron and Keith discuss Love the Beast featuring Eric Bana, The Walking Dead television series on AMC, Sony ditching Ericsson to build Android phones, Kindle Fire is the number one tablet at Best Buy, Chrome edges out FireFox for #2 spot in the browser wars, EB and GameStop display new/used games together, GamePro shuts down, Zen Pinball on iOS, Mass Effect 3 campaign modes, Relevancy of boss battles question, Blankets by Craig Thompson, The Black Keys new album El Camino and Aaron's experience at a David Bazan concert.